Why You Do Not Need a Twitter Follower Retention Warranty

Well, the title is a tad misleading, but we got your attention, didn’t we? It is not all that misleading either, because once you learn the truth about Follower Retention Warranty, you will want to make sure that you never need to reap the benefits. Having said that, it is always a good idea to make certain you have a Retention Warranty that guarantees replacement by real human followers when your purchased followers stop following you.

Before we get to why you should not be making use of the warranty, let us find out who would want to purchase followers in the first place. There are mainly two kinds of people who buy Twitter followers: ones with a huge ego, and ones that have a product to sell. If you are the one with the ego, you can get followers from pretty much any kind of service, and have a huge following of bots and inactive users to boost your self esteem. Of course, you will also need to pray no one ever finds out the percentage of your fake following.

If you are a marketer, you obviously need real followers because you are looking for traffic that will convert into customers. You probably want to make sure that the service that you buy your followers from guarantees real and active users, and a Retention Warranty that will replace anyone that stops following you. However, and this is important, would you really want to rely too much upon the warranty?

It is not that we doubt that the followers will be replaced before you know they are lost – a good service provider will certainly ensure that. But what is really happening when you are making use of the warranty? You are getting new faces into your old crowd. In other words, instead of a following that knows and trusts you, now you have to convince new people that you are good.

But aren’t you doing that all the time when you purchase followers? Well, yes, but then, you are convincing and converting en masse. And those that you have convinced are convincing others through their retweets. You are not saying ‘look how good I am’ a second time – your followers are doing that for you. You have already used your best sales tweets on a batch of a couple of thousand. Now you have to convince a few new followers and sell yourself all over again.

If you are highly creative, go for it, but there are only so many ways you can promote yourself without sounding repetitive. And you don’t want to waste your best tweets on a few when you can use them to convince a few thousand. Bottom line: make sure you do not lose followers. Keep the retention warranty as a back up to ensure that your total volume of followers never depletes, but work hard to maintain your following.

Here are two of the most important things to bear in mind when you want to keep that retention warranty where it belongs: in the emergency provisions shelf. And these are nothing that you don’t know already.

Your Intro Matters

People do read your Twitter profile, you know. Your followers are not mindless drones. They want to be interested in you. Don’t disappoint them. Consider the following:

‘Hello! I sell product X which is really good. I also like trekking and swimming. And I love making new friends.’


‘Hi there! When I’m not swimming or trekking, I just love to twit & connect, for business or for fun. If you don’t mind a mid level chatterbox, welcome aboard!

Any guesses on which one is more likely to draw a following or two?

And Your Image Matters Too

Your profile picture does not have to be your best mug-shot. Some of the more attractive women marketers might have a sensational following with their real portraits, but it pays to build your own brand. Pretty soon, you will find that people who followed you for looking good or impressive were not necessarily looking to be your customers as well.

Get your company logo and name in the picture. You can always use your name in the company name if you like, but the point here is that your image must always be bigger than you, a mere mortal. Once you get your brand established, people will find out who is behind it – you will need no extra effort on that front. Also, when you present yourself as a brand that is not always trying to sell, people consider it quite acceptable when, occasionally, you ask them to check something out (your product, that is).

Of all the things that you can do to keep your following intact these two are the most important. You have a rare chance here to get to know your potential customers. And it pays to understand their basic psychology. It is not possible that five hundred million plus Twitter subscribers are all the same simply because they are addicted to one particular site. However, it is possible to realize that the basic profile includes at least one common trait.

They all love to talk (or twit) and listen.

It takes some effort to think of something to say (however inane it might be at times) and type it, especially on a mobile phone, and post it. There is a reason why Twitter following is not as high as that of the total number of Facebook users. Not everyone likes to connect constantly or talk about their personal stuff with virtually unknown people. Those that do, are active on Twitter.

When you buy a few thousand targeted real human followers with an interest in something you are promoting, you can bet that they would, without exception, like to listen to you twit. It is your job to make certain that you are catering to their needs. Don’t be shy. Go for a half-dozen twits per day. Talk about irrelevant things sometimes. Discuss your own problems and ask for answers. Remember that you are dealing with an energetic crowd, and so, half your work is done for you already.

When you understand this one thing about your audience, you will never be overbearing in your sales-twits and you will know exactly how to make them look interesting. Selling to an audience of willing listeners is a great opportunity to convert them into hungry customers. There is obviously a lot more to it than ramping up your profile, but make no mistake: that is how you begin, and then you steadily build upon it.

So that’s one invaluable secret you are now armed with: get a solid Follower Retention Warranty that promises (and delivers) the longest period of security available in the market, and make certain you never use it!

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