Twitter works best when several things are done in conjunction with each other. The first thing a business should realize is that Twitter not only allows you to talk outwards to people, it allows you to listen to them and respond to them as well. This is done in a much faster and fluid fashion than the other social networking media, and it is the reason that Twitter has grown so fast in the last three years or so.

Already, there are over 100 million subscribers, and 50 million are online every day. That number is growing, and the uses Twitter is being put to as well as the way it is being used are being determined by the customers more than the service itself.

This is what makes the voluntary networks formed on Twitter so potentially powerful to businesses, as long as they approach the people there as a participant and not as someone just dictating a message. This takes a consistent, concerted effort through an overall web based marketing plan that should include, not just Twitter, but Facebook, a blog and in some cases a website.

Each of these help the other build a larger community, and each of them has an overall impact on search engine results. In the case of Twitter and the ways you should be using it, the increased search engine rankings really are just a happy accident.

Unlike most of the other ways to build an online community, Twitter works better if you listen more than just post. With Facebook and a blog (and especially a website), you are generating the content and while there is some interaction it is nothing like what is available on Twitter, where messages ebb and flow in real-time.

That is one of the main differences; Twitter also allows a company to break into second and third tiers of people through retweeting, where you can read messages sent three or more times through retweets and respond directly to them. Your own posts, if people like them, will also be sent around, exposing you in a more cohesive way to audiences you never thought likely.

What makes this so cool is that sometimes what turns out to be a local customer finds out about your business because she read a retweet that had been sent three or four times. This happens more often than you would think, and it is proof positive that in these days no business can really afford to be without a cohesive online marketing strategy, and that Twitter should be part of that strategy.

One of the initial stumbling blocks for Twitter is simply not enough people following you. It is possible to build a good following, but it takes a long time and a lot of effort. Most companies find it easier and much more efficient to use what is called a Twitter Followers Service.

Some of these services operate in the shadows, and no legitimate company should associate itself with a service like this. It will be characterized by Twitter accounts that are either dummy accounts or robot generated accounts. Twitter itself is getting better and better and detecting and eliminating these, and there are fewer companies now that deal in these shady practices, but you will want to pay special attention to the way any service provider, whether it is Twitter Followers or an online marketing SEO service does business.

There are examples of great companies out there that go out of their way to provide an excellent and legitimate product. Companies like guarantees all real, active Twitter accounts. It is essential that if you are going to pay for followers you check and make sure that they are real, and it is quite easy to verify this; just pick one at random, and listen to their stream.

The best companies will also be able to show you how to independently verify that you are getting what you paid for, live accounts and live people. What you do with them once you have them is another part of the equation, but building a mass effect takes a large amount of followers.

Adding followers through a ‘white hat’ Twitter Followers Service accomplishes several things at once, but most of all it will assure you that the money you are paying is going into a service which provides legitimate industry practices. Ghost accounts, robot accounts or junk accounts are useless – refuse to pay for any service that offers this type of followers.

The main advantage of getting your core group of followers in place in a short period of time is so that economies of scale can be achieved. By buying a large number of followers and posting relevant content and by responding to the content being generated by those followers and their circles will allow you to reach beyond the paid followers and build a true community.

This takes much longer without the economy of scale possible with several thousand followers, but you can see that for the strategy to work they must be active, real twitter accounts. You also must handle yourself in an aboveboard, entertaining and valuable fashion to make this strategy work, but with the initial rush of followers you can get from using a Twitter Follower Service Provider can be more than worth the money.

Before you sign, try to deal directly with customer service; email or call them and see if they answered your questions thoroughly and courteously. Read their terms of service, and make sure that they have guarantees covering the work you hire them to do.

Pricing does vary, and the best companies are usually not the cheapest. Pricing should be done on a project basis, though – you pay this amount, you get this many active, live followers, guaranteed. No hourly charges should ever apply at any SEO or social media management company. If someone is trying to make you pay by the hour for these services, get away from that company fast.

Developing a mass base in which to build your community is one of the most effective ways to utilize the power of Twitter; don’t let this important communications tool slip by without due consideration.

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