As a business owner, you have to find any and every way to make your business stand out, and to get new customers. Today, as social media is the most popular online marketing tool, for any type of business you run, it is very important for your business to be seen on the top social media sites, such as twitter. The more recognition you get on sites like twitter, the more followers you can capture, and the more your business stands out on the site, the more of an increase you are going to see to your bottom line and sales figures as a business owner.


  • Monitoring real time conversation

With live steam on twitter, you can monitor what is being said about your brands and products live and real time. This means if a customer buys something new that they love, they can instantly plug this as a feed, which is going to be seen real time. It allows business owners to see what customers are really saying about the brand and products immediately, and at all times. Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are two great options to listen live and save searches.


  • Offer additional customer service

You can offer extended customer service and care live on twitter. This gives customers one more outlet to reach out to the business, and to get instant gratification. Whether it is a complaint, or whether they simply want to say something great, using the twitter site the right way can result in keeping a happy customer base at all times.


  • Driving traffic

If your twitter feed is being seen at all times, and if links are added on other twitter accounts, you are going to be seen by more and more customers. Additionally, using your twitter account to add youtube video links, links to your facebook site, instagram, or any other major social media outlet, are all great ways to get customers interested in the brand and seeing what is out there. The more recognition the site and brand gets via twitter, and other social media forums, the better it is going to be for your company’s bottom line.


  • Avoid issues down the road

With twitter, customers are instantly going to post things. So, if a customer is unhappy with a product, or service, they are going to let it be known. This allows you, as a business owner, to catch the problem early, and to make changes. Whether it is in customer care, or offering some form of refund to a customer. No matter what the issues are, the sooner they are caught, the sooner you can get them taken care of.


  • Tweet to avoid lost communications

In the past companies used mass mail campaigns, and similar marketing tactics. Today, to avoid a gap in communications, twitter feeds and tweets are the way to go. Due to the fact that every and anyone has a mobile device today, and a social media account, you can reach out to these customers right away. If you send out a tweet about a sale, or if you send out tweets about new products coming out online, you can get more and more consumers to shop with your brand. The more viral the tweets get, and the more viewers they get, the more of a success the product or sale is going to be for the company.


  • Offer promos and specials

Another way to use twitter tweets is to offer coupon or promo codes. A business owner can post a special for the first 1000 customers who read a tweet, or a sale that is going to take place, is going to see far more return than if they simply use mass mail campaigns. So, using the power of the tweet, and reaching out to more and more customers, is a must when you have this power on the web.


  • Get email lists

Business owners can also use twitter to build an email list. By asking followers to give their email, in return for special sale dates, or coupons being sent via email, this is going to increase the number of emails a business has on file. The more email addresses they have, the more they are going to be able to reach out to a larger customer base, drive sales, and bring customers in for sale dates or new product offerings that the company has to offer.


  • Build the brand locally

Twitter provides an exceptional base for a company to go global and build globally. Since millions of people, around the world use the site, if the brand becomes recognized by some major individuals (and celebrities) on the site, it is going to lead to more and more recognition. The more the site and twitter handle are seen, and the more global reach you can get as a business owner, the more you will see in sales, revenues, and new customer base.


  • SEO friendly

Using your twitter feed, and tweets to get more recognition on search engines and seo searches, is another plus. The more your site is seen, and the more visible it is via seo searches, the more visitors your twitter account is going to get as a business owner.

  • PR

There are many journalists, newspapers, and online sites that use twitter. As a business owner, trying to get them to follow your page is a great way to get more public recognition. If a major journalist publishes a great tweet about your brand, this is going to be seen by thousands, or millions, if your brand gets that big.

In addition to all of these great benefits, as a business owner, if you are using twitter to keep in touch with customers, and the younger generation, you are also going to keep up with the latest news and trends. Since twitter is used by millions, around the world, you can always know what is hot, what is current, and what is popular. This allows the business to remain relevant, keep in touch with customers, and really stand out in comparison to other businesses in the same line of business as your own.

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