Do you still think that Twitter is simply about posting pictures of what you had for breakfast?  If so take another look and learn how the Twitter effect can have a massive influence on your profitability.  With over 200 million active users sending tweets every second of the day this is an effective communication channel that is not just for celebrities letting the world know of their daily activities, it is a marketing tool for small business owners wanting to grow their business.

Twitter in recent years has grown tremendously.  The once social media platform that was full off celebrity gossip now holds a strong connection between a consumer and a business.  This communication channel allows you to share promotions, share photos, as well as answering questions.  It is the perfect tool to learn more about your consumers with a second by second account of current trends.

Acting in a similar manner to Facebook you can publicy share information and thoughts but in a much more free flowing natural way.  In return consumers will feel part of your company and will happily review your products and engage in conversations.

  • How can you make Twitter work for your business

This is a powerful marketing tool that costs very little so it is not surprising why businesses including your competitors are taking advantage of this.

As previously mentioned there are millions of people actively using Twitter and this figure is showing no signs of slowing down, in fact every day more and more people are enjoying the benefits this social media channel offers.  All that Twitters asks of you is to post tweets on a regular basis that are meaningful.  This is your opportunity to promote a sale or promotion.   And if you consider your “magic number”, the higher your Twitter following, potentially there are lots of people reading about your business.  Remember your next business lead is only one tweet away.

Although the interface is very limited in regards to changing the format, the textual and picture elements can be molded to meet your needs and requirements.  Once you have successfully created an account you are ready to add pictures and text to your profile before you enjoy getting your first followers.  If you integrate your Twitter account with your Facebook profile and website this is a fantastic way in which to expand your following.

  • Tweet on the move

With the rise of tablets and mobile phones updating your Twitter is much easier.  Tell your followers about an important business lunch or even you are attending whilst you are on the train.  If you are creating a new product or design visuals can be displayed instantly to your following.  The point to be made is that tweeting does not need to be something that you think about at the end of the day, it is a tool to be used at your disposal in the moment as it happens.

  • The powers of Twitter

Twitter followers are a powerful advocate for your business, every single follower are more likely to make a purchase from your business in the future.  Don’t worry if they do not make a purchase because you have already lifted the lid to reviews and engagement.  The engagement from a large following will help amplify your message way beyond your current fan base.

It should be noted that lots of businesses think that as soon as they have a big following the return will quickly follow.  They imagine that custom will come in huge droves but in many cases this rarely happens.  In the world of social media it takes time to build momentum, whilst the benefits are not always obvious when the benefits are seen it is clear the effort is worth it.

Further reasons why a huge following on Twitter is vital for business is highlighted below in more detail:

  1. Recognition – Regarded as the most powerful way to use social media to your advantage. You take the lead and seek the people who are of interest to your business.  The effort and fantastic content you create can build an online reputation.
  2. Build a community – When you build an online community you invite your followers to review your brands, say what they like and dislike about your company and more importantly engage with them on an informal level. Many businesses do not like the “openness” of Twitter but engagement of any kind can be used to a company’s advantage.
  3. Repeat – An old marketing quote states that is take eight exposures of a product before a person will consider purchasing.  With social media you can remind your customers and potential customers of your products as often as you like.
  4. Gain authority – Don’t just use Twitter to sell your products and services, the most successful companies on Twitter offer help and advice. For example if you are a carpet specialist send your Twitter followers tips and guides on how to look after their carpet.  This will attract more interest.  Sharing fantastic content and answering questions from your following will ultimately build a large number of fans that are loyal to your brand and what you have to offer.
  5. Snowball effect – If you have a large following on Twitter your influence will grow opening the doors to lots of opportunities. These huge followers will engage, retweet your content and recommend you to friends and family.  Similarly when you see a large crowd gathered at a shopping centre you cannot help but go and take a look and see what all the fuss is about.  The principles are exactly the same.

The chance is your competitors are on Twitter.  What is their “magic number”?  Don’t leave an opening for your competitors to take the lead in your chosen market.  You may not know it but your customers are already seeing what your social media presence is, you want to inspire them to take the leap and find out more about you and your business.

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