Terms & Conditions

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You CAN’T change Twitter Account you’ve submitted to get Twitter Followers Once we start processing (usually within 2 – 3 Hours after placing the order)

When you avail of Twitterz services, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions. Additional Terms & Conditions may apply to other areas of the site and its content and services. Twitterz holds the right to modify the Terms & Conditions listed below at any point of time. The last date of modification is listed in the Agreement that follows. Customers of Twitterz.net agree to comply with modified Terms & Conditions on or after the date of modification.

Use of TwitterZ.net

Twitterz.net has complete intellectual property rights to all content on the site. Nothing that is on the site may be used, transmitted, distributed in actual or modified form without express permission of TwitterZ.net


Twitterz.net is protected by US and international laws against copyright infringement.

Limitation of Liability

A customer of TwitterZ is bound by the Terms & Conditions of TwitterZ, and as such, must indemnify, defend, and hold TwitterZ without liability with relation to claims arising out of or related to an alleged breach of such Terms & Conditions. The same holds true for claims which, if proved valid, may constitute a breach of agreement with the said Terms & Conditions.

Code of Conduct

Any potential customer or visitor agrees to use the TwitterZ website only in lawful ways and for lawful purposes. No visitor or potential customer is to compromise site security or cause damage to its content or service or otherwise render the site inaccessible. Every visitor or user agrees to refrain from actions that may alter the contents of the site. Every potential customer or visitor agrees to access content only with permission, and never to make use of the TwitterZ site in any other way than originally and officially intended.

Information and Usage Rights

Twitterz requires confidential information from its customers only to process orders. Every other form of submission is held non confidential, and TwitterZ retains the right to use such material in any way it deems fit.

Corrections and Modifications

TwitterZ reserves the right to update or modify its content at any point of time without prior notification, as also to correct any inaccuracy or inconsistency that may come to light. However, there is no guarantee that such corrections will be undertaken immediately upon detection.

Provisions of Agreement

The present document is the entire Agreement between all concerned parties with regard to the subject matter contained herein.

Service and Termination of Service

The present document outlines an agreement that begins with TwitterZ.net accepting an order for service and ends either when such service is rendered or when terminated by either party. Twitterz reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate a contract or order if it is found that the potential client/customer is abusing the system or the name TwitterZ.net (without prejudice to any other rights or remedies), and withhold any amount that has already been paid by the potential client/customer.

Refund Policy

You understand that TwitterZ.net have all the rights NOT to provide a refund on the following occasions:
  • If  your order [ Twitter Followers ] is 100% delivered to your Twitter Account. [ Order Completed ]
  • If TwitterZ.net has not delivered the services on time but the customer requested a refund 45 days after placing the order.
  • If twitter.com policy changes and results in a banning.
  • If the Followers Delivered are not Active [ we cannot control it ]
You have the right as a customer to claim a FULL refund on the following occasions:
  • If you buy Twitter Followers from TwitterZ.net and you didn’t receive them within the time frame mentioned at the order page.
  • If you requested a refund two (2) hours after placing the order.
  • If TwitterZ.net has not started processing your Order within 48 Hours after you’ve placed the order.


TwitterZ offers its customers a 2 Year Follower Retention warranty. Such option is subject to Terms & Conditions as applicable within the offer at the time of purchase of the said service. TwitterZ supplies human followers only, and cannot guarantee that some will not unfollow eventually, we cannot guarantee the rate of activity. If within warranty period, such followers will be replaced immediately, but customers are requested to keep in mind that the rate of unfollow is not under the control of TwitterZ.

This document was last updated January 18, 2013.