We have been asked many times about how to get Verified by Twitter,

so we decided to write this Article to help everyone understanding how you can get that,

To get verified you have to do,

1 – Official (professional website)
2 – Embedding a Twitter “Follow” button on your Official Website.
3 – Follow some Verified Users (related to your activities)
4 – Spend some cash (ON-Twitter) advertising may help to (not really necessary !)
5 – Getting as much Followers as you can gives you legitimacy to get Verified (faster than usual)
6 – Follow this user : https://twitter.com/verified
7 – Tweet Effectively !
8 – Submit your phone number to your Twitter account (setting)


After you make the “Professional” Official website, just link it at your Twitter BIO,
Do as the steps up above, you will be eligible to get Verified Twitter Account.

We can help you achieving that privately,
Please contact us at : support@twitterz.net
Or by using our contact form

P.S : If you got verified, DON’T EVER change your account information, it will remove your badge !

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