Twitter has been in business since 2007, but it is in the last three years of so that it has gotten as big as it has. It has claimed a strong share of the social media market, but does it in a way that it is not really social media at all in the traditional sense.

Twitter’s use ranges from the most juvenile and unworthy to breaking news in disaster areas that could save peoples’ lives. That is one of the more astounding aspects of the Twitter service; the framework is set up by the service, but the ever-changing structure of the Twittersphere has all to do with the people using it.

As a user, it is also fairly easy to set your streams up so that you receive only from things or people that you are specifically letting in; you will also have access to messages from their community as well though. If they like a product or there is an event occurring, good or bad, their retweets will give you access to what their circle of friends is talking about, as well as exposure to that circle if the person should decide to retweet something that you sent out.

It is a very fluid, sometimes chaotic environment. One thing that many people do not realize is that the communication aspects of Twitter go both ways, and how important that idea is. Not only is it useful for businesses to put out daily tweets, but they should go out of their way to listen to the conversation streams from their followers. It is an excellent way to gauge what people are thinking about at that time, and when you can comment on their tweets in an informative or helpful way it vastly increases your image. It is also a great way to figure out short terms trends in your own marketplace.

This is especially true in small geographical areas, called hypermarkets. Twitter can allow for sifting, so that you can gradually build a list of people who are literally right in your neighborhood. This can best be done by making sure that you have a multi-plank platform when it comes to a web presence. The other parts of the whole web strategy will help you gather Twitter followers, but there are other ways to increase followers.

There are reputable companies that will contract to get you Twitter followers that are real people with real Twitter accounts. This is fairly easily verified, and it is very important. Dummy and other types of fake accounts are useless and often counter-productive.

It is still up to you to make use of this tool, and you can gradually reach out to circles of people who have no relation to the original members you paid for. is an excellent example of this type of service; they supply excellent customer service, take major payment methods and have a clear-cut policy on practices and guarantees. Before you hire any Twitter Follower service providers, make sure they fit the same criteria – real people with real Twitter accounts, easy to understand guarantees and clear cut service.

Twitter is a tool. Paying for Twitter followers will not do any good if you then ignore this tool. Talk to your IT and internet marketing people about how useful this part of the web can be. Like anything, it can take time to hit the proper stride but Twitter can be very important in your only presence.

It is the secondary circle of people you will be reaching through your new twitter followers that are just as important; with a large pool, it is possible to open a dialogue with them. This involves listening to them; what they say about you and their competitors is just one part of the process.

If done properly your network or Twitter followers, and people whom you follow, will grow outward organically. It is a huge help to use a Twitter Follower service provider to get started.

Some of the posts for Twitter (and for Facebook, for that matter) not only can be hired out to an SEO marketing firm, but it is usually more efficient. These types of messages are daily blurbs about your company and sales. They should be of good quality, but these types of Tweets are a service floor to reach out to people on a regular basis.

Other Tweets which come during the day should have more thought put into them, and be in response to something someone else tweeted, retweeting something that you like, or tweeting about a related product that makes a good compliment to what you and your company does.

This task can sometimes be handled by the business owner, but the bigger a company gets the less likely this is. It can be tasked to a company employee or this higher level of service can also be contracted at many SEO marketing firms.

A truly successful online marketing campaign is marked by dedication and consistency. A pool of Twitter followers can pay off and lead to the development of a Twitter community that has nothing to do with the people you originally contract to become a follower – but if you offer entertaining content on a regular basis, and advertise thoughtfully there is no reason those people won’t be there years from now, following you and acting as a conduit for information on what is going on ‘on the street’ right at that moment.

It is that two way communication that really reveals the power of this service, a long as a proper plan of action is put into place to make use of the followers you do have, and to expand beyond them by posting material that has a chance of being retweeted, and by listening to what other people are forwarding.

Getting to that number in which the mass effect begins to take place can be a challenge if you do it on your own, but it can be done. If the rest of your program is sound, once a core of people tuned into you is large enough it will begin to grow. There are ways to cut out that beginning stage, though, and they are something any company should consider.

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